Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus

Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus, near Fort Worth, TX Meacham International Airport, is a comprehensive public college offering excellent educational opportunities to students in the greater northwest Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Currently, the college has over 11,000 enrollees. It offers a variety of associate degrees and certifications in diverse fields such as health sciences, science and technology, business administration, liberal arts, and humanities. The campus also has an impressive array of professional support services to ensure student success.

It is committed to providing quality education with affordable tuition and scholarship opportunities to help make the educational experience more accessible.


Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative education supporting students' academic aspirations and career goals. The College's vision is centered on providing affordable, accessible, and engaging higher education to students while fostering a culture of academic excellence, social responsibility, and civic engagement.

The Campus aims to create an environment where students can explore, experiment, and develop their academic, intellectual, and personal potential. With an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus is committed to promoting cultural awareness, respect, and inclusion among all students, faculty, and staff. The Campus's vision is to be an educational hub for the surrounding community, known for its cutting-edge programs, strong community partnerships, and dynamic student experience.


Here are some of the amenities visitors and students can expect at Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus:

  • Library: The campus has a well-stocked library with a huge collection of books, journals, and magazines. The library also boasts a computer lab available for student use.
  • Food Court: The campus has a food court offering a lot of culinary delights to meet different tastes and dietary preferences. There are various food options, including pizza, salad bar, grill, and grab-and-go options, ensuring visitors are never hungry.
  • Student Life: The student life center of the campus is where students' activities, events, and organizations are organized. Students can get involved in volunteer groups, clubs, and organizations.
  • Career Services: Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus provides all its students with comprehensive career services and counseling. This service assists students with job search and helps students explore a variety of career paths and industries.
  • Fitness & Recreation: The campus includes an expansive fitness and recreation facility with a gym, weight room, pool, running track, and other athletic facilities open to all students to use.
  • Student Health Services: The campus provides easy access to health services for students, including medical and counseling services.
  • Child Care Services: Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus boasts on-site child care services for students who have children, providing a reliable and secure environment while parents attend classes or work.

Tarrant County College - Northwest Campus provides a supportive, safe, and inclusive environment that promotes academic excellence, personal and social development, and career preparedness. The campus ensures students get the most out of their educational experience by providing top-notch amenities and services.

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