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What is Addiction?

Jenny works at a corporate firm and is a managing partner. She married John for 20 years, and they have three children. Everyone knows Jenny in town. She always volunteers for charity events and local schools to teach kids maths.

Well, this is the Jenny that everyone knows and sees. Still, there is more to her story. For years Jenny has had a drug addiction. She works hard not to show it. She keeps telling herself tomorrow will be better and the same the next time. I will be stronger.

Yet, the next day is no different from the one before. Why? As addiction is not about a person being stronger. Yet Jenny wants to quit as she knows her finances, family, and career health is in jeopardy.

Addiction Counseling Fort Worth TX 76119

It is a mental illness that is challenging, but still, there are therapy options available to use. When you look at addiction is a complex yet destructive disease. The impact on your daily life is devastating.

The truth is that lives get shattered through different addictions as it has no limitations.

In the US alone, more than 21 million people are fighting some form of addiction to improve their quality of life. The illness affects young/old and poor/rich in every race and gender.

While addiction looks like a compulsive activity like the internet, sex, video games, drugs, alcohol, shopping, and more, it creates problems in a dependent family, turning into unexpected life events.

At the same time, the surface issue can look different from one to another. But it still attacks each person in the same way. The illness alters your brain to behaviors as your addiction gets more attention and is all about brain balance.

The truth is you can fight the imbalance with recovery by learning healthy coping skills for lifestyle changes and the support of family and friends in counseling. You can set treatment goals with addiction treatment.

Here at Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth, our mental health professionals can help you with substance use disorder and other addictions to lead a sober life. With us, you can restore balance to your brain with our cutting-edge therapies to lead an everyday life again.

Contact us now to help you with therapies for addiction recovery with personalized treatment.

"Where must I begin? Moving here was my weakness as I lived in a dream world. I was seen as a high roller but was far from one. I started on one of the treatment programs and they helped me to stop with my drinking and gambling addiction."

J Wayne (Fort Worth North)

Addiction: What are the signs?

No matter what form of addiction you have, from using a common substance to addictions to alcohol, gambling, and more, it all starts within the brain. With time it starts to manifest into a specific attitude to behavior in your life.

You see specific actions that take hold of your life. When the symptoms are present, it is time to seek professional help. Early person-to-person intervention can help you with the right path to recovery.

Today, we want you to think about what is happening in your life NOW! Are any of the following symptoms showing up in your life?

Your Life is Escalating 

As your addiction develops, your initial feelings about substances or activity will escalate as one gambling session and winning will turn into more. The same will apply to have a drink. You start with one, two, four, and then a whole bottle. Gambling sessions will become a once-a-week or even more of an occasion. Cutting off that pattern helps.

Addiction recovery counseling Fort Worth TX 76119

Your Attempt to Stop Fails

When you become addicted, you do not want to be an addict in the first place. But with the time that addiction informs you, your lives are in turmoil, and you need to stop. Unfortunately, you have tried to step into the recovery process without success.

When you want to stop, the key to recovery is willpower, but it still is not about choice. The problem is you cannot choose your way out and will need a path of recovery made available by a therapist.

You Are Always Moody

You get angry or annoyed easily, and this is a result of your addiction. You may have an anger flare when someone refuses the addiction. So, you become irritable, and it leads to a lack of healthy coping skills.

You Feel Deceit and Have Captivated Thoughts

When you have an addiction, you have deceit as you lie to protect your addiction. But, eventually, when your addiction takes hold, it becomes the center of your life. Your thoughts keep thinking about it, and all your energy and dreams work towards your addiction.

Hence, we can sum it up in free words control, cravings, and the consequences like divorces. Having an addiction alters your brain to crave more, and it starts controlling your life.

Getting over addictions Fort Worth TX 76119

Let's Help You With Treatment Options

Have you recognized any symptoms in your or another person's life? If so, you need not approach the problem alone. Many people in Fort Worth are fighting addiction with our individualized treatment plans. The critical thing to know is that there is help available.

Our counselors at Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth can help you with long-term treatment for recovery from addiction. So start your healing process with us. When you contact our therapists at the office, you can know that:

  1. Our staff is a scheduling specialist that will answer your call to find a suitable appointment time.
  2. All our new clients often get an appointment scheduled the following day.
  3. We also work with different medical companies and also accept other medical plans.
  4. We also offer an evening to weekend appointments; you will never be on a waiting list.

Let's battle your addiction together to achieve your treatment goals learning healthy coping skills leading to a successful addiction treatment and life.

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