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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

At Marriage Counseling in Fort Worth, TX, we encounter two common issues anxiety and depression. Both these symptoms are painful for any person to live with. However, the worst part is when a person needs to live with both of them, as it can disrupt their daily lives.

Constant anxiety leads to less time spent with family and friends, hobbies, and even going to work as it feels impossible to deal with the problem.

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We know it can make a person think it will not improve, but our family therapy experts have helped many people get back their lives, and we can help you.

All it takes is to call us to get started with your depression treatment. Then, we will make the time to make an appointment to help you deal with stressful life events. We are available 24/7 to help.

Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

While anxiety and depression are different disorders, they overlap with time. If you're struggling with troubling situations and experience the following mental and physical symptoms, it is time to get help:

  • Your mind keeps racing with different thoughts
  • Edginess
  • Dysphoria
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Tiredness
  • Find it difficult to concentrate
  • Always feel restless
  • Irritable
  • Worried
  • Stressed

You may experience some of these symptoms or even all of the above. For example, you may have a depressed mood and lack interest in your daily tasks. In addition, you may find it leads to unexpected panic attacks, a loss of appetite, and low self-esteem.

While anxiety and depression are different disorders, you can experience them simultaneously. So, if you have chronic stress and are not sure what you're experiencing but no something is wrong, it's okay. You are going to be alright.

The truth is that many of our clients have experienced the same thing as you have. Let us help you figure out what could be wrong. We develop individualized care plans to overcome your challenging situations. Contact Marriage Counseling in Fort Worth for your depression and anxiety counseling today.

"I had a bad experience while in hospital resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder. I became scared to go to the doctor with the anxiety of ending up in the hospital. The therapist at Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth helped me cope with my traumatic event. Things are going better now as I can at least put my foot inside a hospital."

- C Gable

Types of Depression and Anxiety 

While most of us think of an anxiety disorder when there is anxiety present or a major depression order when there is depression, both mean something different. For instance, in addition to anxiety disorder, you also have:

  • Panic or anxiety attacks are known as a panic disorder
  • You have PTSD, known as post-traumatic stress disorder that is triggered by traumatic events
  • Lastly, you have OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder that entails repetitive thoughts and compulsions

The above are all categorized as generalized anxiety disorder, but the same applies to depressive disorders:

  • New moms can experience postpartum depression after the birth
  • In the colder, darker season, you can get people that have the SAD or seasonal affective disorder
  • Then you have people with major mood shifts starting with mania leading to depression known as bipolar disorder
Anxiety Counseling Fort Worth TX 76119

Yet, in both these mental health issues, it all starts with stress leading to anxiety and ending up in depression. So, one day you can feel despair and even hopelessness.

Yet, the good news is that you can get treatment for anxiety and depression right here with us. We offer each individual a treatment plan catered according to their needs. We use CBT, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy, among others.

When To Go For Treatment for Anxiety?

First and foremost, if you have suicidal thoughts, contact 911 or ensure to visit an emergency room at the hospital fast.

Secondly, while you're going through the blues for more than two weeks and it starts interfering with your life, you need help from a professional to deal with your anxiety issues.

Lasting anxiety can lead to depression and other serious mental health concerns. Your anxiety conditions can hurt your relationships, career, and physical health:

Your Physical Health

Both anxiety and depression can change your appetite affecting your actual health like being addicted. The loss of eating leads to weight loss and other life issues. It can lower your immune system leaving you constantly feeling tired. While the opposite can also happen to lead to weight gain with the risk of increasing joint problems, diabetes, and heart problems. Both these life transitions hurt your life.

It Ruins Meaningful Relationships

For a meaningful life, relationships with others are part of it. When you have anxiety or depression from stress to trauma, you find it challenging to communicate with others. When other people compliment you, accepting it is difficult, leading to further communication frustrations. Your relationships suffer as your symptoms become severe.

You Start Failing in Your Career

With constant times of trauma leading to anxiety or depression, it creates problems at work. As a result, you cannot make decisions, struggle to work with your co-workers, and your overall job performance fails.

These are all the things that could happen when your mental health condition goes untreated. But with therapy, you can resolve these concerns to bring freedom from stress.

With a therapist, you can determine the root of anxiety causing these feelings. Then, you will work with your therapist to help overcome the different types of anxiety disorders you're experiencing.

With your depression counselors, you will learn different techniques to cope with your major depression episode. In addition, you will learn to improve your communication skills by talking about your symptoms of depression to start living a healthy life.

Depression counseling Fort Worth TX 76119

Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth for Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety issues you need not face alone. Here at Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth, we have anxiety therapists standing by to help you with an anxiety treatment catered to your needs. Our experienced anxiety therapists have the training to deal with personal anxiety, medical anxiety, severe depression, and more. Contact our therapists today to get your life back on track to determine your trauma symptoms. Get peace of mind today to go through your everyday experience without anxiety and depression NOW.

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