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Stress Management

Stress does not affect one person but us all, but you need not handle your anxiety alone. Whether you're struggling to cope at work or a student trying to find a balance, we at Marriage Counseling Fort Worth can help.

We offer stress management counseling for chronic, physical, and stress. So, instead of trying to cope by yourself, let us help you with stress management techniques to live a healthier yet happier life.

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Understanding Stress

You cannot avoid stress as it is a normal bodily function, but it has become an epidemic in many people's lives. You get different types of stress in your daily life that include:

  • Mental Stress
  • Intense Stress
  • Spiritual Stress

These are a few types of stress and many more you find in your personal life. While pressure is supposed to be short-lived, causing an adrenaline rush and effective to help lessen it.

But when it comes to, chronic stress, it can result from psychological threats. These can be experiencing stress daily when facing daily or future life challenges. These symptoms can lead to high blood pressure, a stroke, a heart attack, or chronic pain.

So, if you are unsure that the everyday stressors are not chronic stress, then you can look at the following mental, physical, and emotional symptoms:

  • ¬†Always having a headache
  • You have digestive problems
  • Sleeping disorder with body pain
  • Anxious or feel depressed
  • Start using substances to remove the stress
  • You feel angry or irritable to sad with coldness towards other people
  • Work and Career Stress

"I lost my work a year ago, and my debt started piling up. I became depressed and started taking it out on my family. My wife made an appointment for stress management with Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth. Things are looking better now as I have gotten a new job and we are working together to work our problems out."

- M Rourke

Why is Stress Management Important?

Stress management therapy Fort Worth  helps to give you guidance with tools to face your everyday stressors. Whether life bogs you down, the stress management techniques you learn will help you cope with daily and future life challenges.

Furthermore, you will learn to reduce your stress to prevent physical ramifications from taking place. The therapists at Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth are trained to handle different types of stress.

When you work with one of the counselors, they provide you with a personalized approach to help you deal with your stress. The process is as follows:

  1. First, the therapist will identify the underlying concerns that trigger your stress.
  2. Whether it is work, family, or other factors, the therapists suggest different methods to help minimize those stressors.
  3. Once you know the reason for your stress, you can develop healthier coping skills.

If you have learned unharmful coping skills like substance abuse, binging, or smoking, you can learn to replace them with healthier ones.

Stress Management Fort Worth TX 76119

What Life Events Cause Stress?

You can find from severe stressors like finding out you have a terminal sickness to natural stressors like financial problems. But these are only a few things that can cause stress in your personal life. There are times you can get multiple feelings of anxiety at a time when the following happens:

  • You lose a loved one as they have died
  • You break up or get divorced from a partner
  • There are family problems like abuse causing physical stress
  • You are planning to get married, and it is a major life change
  • The birth of a child
  • You are discriminated against, financially unstable, unemployed, or starting a new job.
  • You may need to move, and the kids need to start at a new school
  • You or someone in the family is ill
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Schedule Your Stress Management Counseling Session Today

Prevent chronic stress from taking over your life and get peace of mind today. Please schedule your appointment with us at Marriage Counseling of Fort Worth Now! Our highly skilled therapist will meet with you to discuss your problems to make them stress-free.

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